Super Demon Survivors Story Mode Banner

Travel with our exiled heroes as they try to fend off the hordes through unique levels and biomes as they find their way to their old Sanctuary they called home. Fight through 8 levels in the initial story mode, with hidden easter eggs, including characters, items, relics, and more! Then the real battle begins!

Fight horde after horde of dozens of different enemies. An infinite amount of demons, devils, natural abominations, and all sorts of other creeping, crawling, slithering hell-spawn are waiting for you.

Each character is based on a familiar archetype and has their own unique attack which will greatly affect your play style. In addition all characters have unique attributes that alter their speed, damage, and more. Upgrade them all with no microtransactions, how games used to be!

Combine weapons in unique ways, completely changing the gameplay. Try and see which combinations are strongest!