Super Demon Survivors – 0.2.0 Update

0.2.0 Massive Updates

Lots of updates, and the start of some systems we will be flushing out in the near future. Complete Missions, Fight against insane new Titan enemies that seem unstoppable, Gain assistance in your fight against the demon hordes. Lots of Quality of life updates, including fixing XP ramp-up, how melee attacks trigger, how champions unlock and more! As always, join the discord, give us feedback and help us shape the game!


-FEATURE – Updated Combat System to change how melee attacks trigger

-FEATURE – Changed Cooldown Reset on Weapon Upgrade

-FEATURE – Minion System – Unlock little helpers to assist in beating back the demon hordes

-FEATURE – Five Champions Unlocked by default upon completion of Story Mode

-FEATURE – Added Early Access Popup 

-FEATURE – Implemented  Mission System for Endless Mode

-FEATURE – Implemented Boundary Wall System

-FEATURE – Updated Rune Screen for Minions and Minion Runes

-FEATURE – New Mini-boss waves added to story mode

-FEATURE- Added Titan System – Can you defeat the ultimate bosses

-FEATURE -Added New Titan – Mycorrhizal King – Power Stamets


-BUGFIX – updated full screen mode – should now save setting as expected

-BUGFIX – Extended Paladin Walk Animation Frames

-BUGFIX – Fixed Issue where clock would not display correctly on Score Screen 

-BUGFIX- Fixed Issue where Paladin Damage would was not showing on Score Screen

-BUGFIX – Fixed Issue with old weapon descriptions displaying

-BUGFIX – Fixed Issue where music did not always load correctly

-CHANGE – Changed how XP Ramps up in Early Levels